Deer Park

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The Abbot and Zen Master

The Venerable Hye Seong Sunim giving a speech at Buddha's birthday celebration, 2002.  Hundreds of visitors from various Northeastern states participated in this wonderful ceremony.



The Making of the Dharma Teacher, Do Kwang, 2000

Friends and family join in this happy celebration. Do Kwang provides wonderful and insightful Dharma stories for the Saturday sitting group.   One of his Dharma stories can be found on this site.

Mahayun's Dharma Teacher Ceremony, 2001

Mahayun has been a member of the White Forest Sangha group since 1990 and we were all so happy when she was made a Dharma teacher.  She practices daily life with great compassion and love.

The Peace Bell


The Main Temple with the Bell House situated to the front

Ringing the Peace Bell

Sunim drums the fish for the release of the hungry ghosts from hell with the hope that they will attain Nirvana.

Sunim at the drum

Sunim leading the practitioners up the mountain to the Stupa

Grand Opening of the Mountain Ceremony - 2004

Group Photo in front of the Stupa

Returning down the mountain to the temple

Visiting Monastics from Korea with Ven. Hye Seong Sunim

Moon Jong Sunim and Bupryunwha 2006

Mahayun, Young Gak Sunim and BJ, January 2006

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